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I never thought Id have a Jonas picture on my blog...the end is near!

I never thought I'd have a Jonas picture on my blog...the end is near!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Kevin Jonas, the eldest member of the teen heartthrobs the Jonas Brothers, may soon be able to shed his purity ring as Wednesday People magazine reported the 21-year-old pop star is now engaged. 

Danielle Deleasa, a 22-year-old former hairdresser who Jonas met two years ago in the Bahamas, quickly said yes to his proposal, but the two have not set a wedding date yet.

He popped the question after taking an overnight flight from a concert in Vancouver, and showing up at her doorstep in New Jersey, on his knee with ring in hand.

“It was tough performing last night, knowing that I was going to ask the biggest question in my life to the most amazing girl in the world,” People quoted Jonas as saying.

His younger brothers, 19-year-old Joe and 16-year-old Nick, are still on the market. All prominently wear purity rings, symbolizing their promise to refrain from sex until marriage.

(Reporting by Dean Goodman, Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)




21, really? You are just able to drink!


pot calling the kettle immoral

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Not to smile during a very hurtful and tumultuous time, but the fact that Republican gay-marriage opposer Governor Mark Sanford was caught in an extra-marital affair really amuses me. Don’t tell me that gay marriage is an abomination to the sacred union that God has reserved for a male and a female unless all your shit is in check. Regardless of the fact that I disagree with your stance on gay marriage, how can you be so hypocritical and, for lack of a better word, fake? Gay people aren’t going to ruin your definition of marriage for the world. You’re doing just fine all by yourself.

young people rushing to the altar: NO

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Hello. I’ve been gone for a minute, yes, but summer classes are kicking my ass! My creative writing class requires I spit out a 10-page story every three to four days, and while I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write, I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking time to properly develop my work so it’s perfect. I wrote a really good one on cheating spouses (not as grim as it seems…it was actually kind of funny), and I’m in the works of outlining my next one…something based off of/inspired by Spenser’s House of Pride from the Faerie Queene. But I don’t have all the time in the world to be all masterbatey about it, I actually have to produce some actual pages. SO YEAH, I need to get back on the wordpress horse, so I will start off with something that’s really been bothering me lately: young people at my church already married…

I was home this passed weekend for Father’s Day and attended church service at my old church. While there, thanks to church gossip (seriously, it travels faster than the swine flu), I learned that a girl that is 22 is already engaged and to be married this August. We’ll call her Kelly. Kelly JUST graduated college. Kelly’s fiancee JUST graduated college. Kelly and Kelly’s fiancee DON’T HAVE JOBS OR A PLACE TO LIVE. Kelly and Kelly’s fiancee are CRAZY.

Another example: two sisters at my church (both who grew up as missionaries in Africa), ages 22 and 23 both got married in the same month to…TWO BROTHERS. Besides the whole age thing, that situation in general is just too incestual for my liking.

Yet another example: dude at my church, 23, is engaged to a girl he has been dating for 6 months. They are to be married this summer as well.

So…are these people all just really over-eager to be broke, unhappy, oppressed, and having mid-life crisises at age 30 or….should I be concerned about the water? I am only a year or two younger than these people, and I am in no way anywhere near ready to be married. For Kelly…I mean, really? You can’t wait a minute and get a job? Are you that pressed to put a ring on it, that you can’t wait until you are financially stable and maybe, um, have a place of your own so you don’t have to quietly knock boots with your beau in your parents’ basement for three years?

Which brings me to another aspect of this…the sex factor. Most Christians believe and practice the ol’ “no sex until marriage”…thing. My theory is that these kids can’t keep the lid on it anymore and want to get down and dirty with their partners. And what’s the respectable, “sinless” way to go about that? Why, GETTING MARRIED, of course! Knot tied? Check! Clear to fuck? Check! Gross.

If you are in love with someone, REALLY in love, so in love that you think marriage is in the cards…wouldn’t that love transcend over time and still be alive when you are…I don’t know…EMPLOYED? It’s like they are worried that their significant others are going somewhere, that if a vow isn’t said and a ring not bought, that its fickle feet will run away. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t even be thinking of getting married in the first place. And if sex is the issue, fucking have it! Because if you get married because you want it, then have it and realize, hmm, now what? then you’re screwed.

Also, getting married so young is dangerous because people change over time. You change SO much in your twenties (or so I’ve heard…) and what if you and your partner change into people that realize they don’t belong together? Then what? Oh well?

I don’t know! Thoughts?

damn, edie

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It’s amazing what a haircut can do to a person. Edie Falco is looking all types of fine in her new show, Nurse Jackie. B & I caught a sneak peek of it on some cracked out channel that she has on her satellite thinger, and it seemed pretty cool. Check it out, if you can!

who took my roll?

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…blog roll, that is. IT’S GONE! Someone stole it! Strathievery! Give it back, wordpress! I even went to edit my widgets and the “Links” option is there, but it won’t let me put it back in my used widgets column. What the fuckity fuck? Anyway, so I’m not being rude, I didn’t stop advertising all your lovely sites. I just don’t know where they went. FIX IT, as B says.


UPDATE: I fixed it?

this is dedicated to the one i love

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isn't she dreamy in her raybans?

isn't she dreamy in her raybans?

Yay! Funnel cake for everyone! Today is my one year anniversary with my girlfriend, B! And I can honestly say, 12 months later, I’m still so immensely charmed and awed by her. Much love to my boo <3


NOTE: this picture was taken a year ago (ah, themes). i have not fallen off the femme-betryal no-makeup wagon. oh and my eyebrows don’t look that weird. that is all. carry on loving.

words of a prophet are written on a subway wall

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New segment: funny/rando shit I find on subways, platforms, bathroom stalls. Enjoy!