you’ve got a vicious streak for someone so young

Do you ever come upon someone that is just so blunt with what they say? They never fail to let you know that your outfit sucks, or they point out that you’ve maybe gained some weight? Yeah, I hate those people. Earlier today I came into contact with one of those people. My younger sister.

Everyone says that your sister is your toughest critic. Well, no kidding. I’m home visiting from New York and I was spending time with one of my younger sisters in my old room at my dad’s house  and she wanted to recite this speech that she’s going to present in school next week. I was more than happy to listen, as she is my little sister and I’m supportive and all. It was so weird to watch her; so tall, so mature sounding, so…not the little girl that used to follow me around everywhere and ask me what I was doing every second. So I made the mistake of telling her that:

Bet, when did you get so big?! You’re all legs! And you sound so grown up. Remember when you used to follow me around everywhere and want to be me?

– Yeah but I don’t want to be you anymore. You’re a recluse.

What? How would you know if I’m reclusive? I’ve never home…

-I know. But when you do come home, all you talk about are dogs (I guess she means the dogs that I walk?) and you don’t even have a boyfriend.



-You don’t even have a boyfriend.

What has that got to do with anything? (tone change) You know what, get out of here. Get out.

To which she said, “No,” because I guess she thought I was kidding? I picked up her shoes and threw them out into the hallway, pointed out past my door and said in a heavier tone, “Leave.” She left. And my other young sister, the nice one, who is younger than Bet, looked at me like I was a god.

But, seriously, what NERVE? What the fuck does having a boyfriend or not have anything to do with whether or not I’m someone to emulate? Little bitch. Well, guess what Bethany? I’m a full blown dyke, how do you like me now? I’ve never been spoken down to like that. Yes, she’s a condescending little assbrat, and yes she acts like she’s older and better than me, but this was a total below the belt hit and I can’t seem to shake it. You just don’t talk to your sisters that way. TO ANYONE. All I have to say is, her pampered private school ass is going to have a rude awakening next year as she embarks on not only freshman year, but freshman year in a public school where people won’t put up with her pretentious bull shit.



~ by angiesyounglover on May 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “you’ve got a vicious streak for someone so young”

  1. I’m wondering if she heard that boyfriend bullshit from one of her parents.

    It annoys me that people ask “do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend” to children so young, as though that is the most important thing in the world.

  2. @BAngieB: Seriously. I remember coming home from college, and hell, even in high school, and having my aunts and uncles all asking me that shit. Never “What are you studying?” or “How’s that internship?” It’s so frustrating.

    Also, AYL, that sounds like some of the ugly shit my little sister used to say to me when I’d come home from college. Of course, she was a hormonal, teenage bitch, so I’ve since forgiven her. But back then, I wanted to strangle her.

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