communication breakdown

All right. It’s got to stop. I’m getting to that point in my life, again, where I just want to break off all communication with people who are really no one in my life. And by break off, I mean delete. And by delete, I mean off of facebook.

I guess it all started with yet ANOTHER fucking email from my ex-boyfriend. He tries to contact me via AIM (who even uses that anymore? Oh yeah. Me.), emails, and through my mother who he still gets in touch with. It’s fucking gross and I get these little itchy bug feelings whenever he manages to crawl his way into my inbox. He was a prick when I dated him and chances are he still is. And I never want to find out. I have no use for him. So yeah, I’m feeling all anti-internet communication-y.

These feelings grew in my rhetoric class when someone brought up the ridiculousness of twitter and I started feeling all suffocated because I knew that my phone in my bag was filled with twitter messages – not from any of my friends, but from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Nicole Richie, Lily Allen, Samantha Ronson, Trent Reznor, Rainn Wilson, and Jaime Gleicher from Rich Girls (shoutout, DZ!). There’s more, but I think I’ve incriminated myself enough. Someone asked what the point of following celebrities is and I said, “To feel like you’re friends with them. But you’re not. And I tell myself this daily.” Everyone laughed because they thought I was kidding, but dude, it’s gotten so bad. I feel like a fAnGuRl, LoLzzz. 

So I’m shutting off all my twitter mobile updates, save for my two sisters.

Same for facebook…I’m friends with all these rando dipshits that I used to go to high school with, and I NEVER talk to them. We can just look at each other pictures and statuses and be “friends” on facebook. Well fuck that shit. I don’t know you, and I don’t care to watch your relationship status change daily. Delete.

Everything has just gotten too hairy. Communication these days is just a click away and it creeps me out. Look how far it’s come in the last 5 years. Shit’s on crack! And I’m not getting on a high horse or anything, because I like facebook and I enjoy its features (except as of late because it’s too much like twitter and I already HAVE a twitter problem). It’s just that kind of day and I’m in thatkind of mood. Tomorrow will probably be different, but, eh, I’mma ride it out.

Excuse me while I break down.


~ by angiesyounglover on April 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “communication breakdown”

  1. Haha, I gotta follow Jaime on Twitter!

    But seriously, I know what you mean. I’m “friends” with so many randoms from high school. People I never talked to then, or bitches I didn’t really even like. But my nosiness always wins out, so that’s why they’re still on my friend list.

    • oh yeah, please, i love nosing around. hours upon hours can be spent doing that. and GET THIS: so i deleted a bunch of people last night, then when i went to bed, i had a dream that one of the girls i nixed confronted me about it. and then she pushed me in a river. no lie!


    Forgive my outburst.

    I say delete with abandon! Delete, delete, delete. I love my quarterly purges, those cozy times when I curl up with my friend list and my judgment and invisible big red internet Sharpie, and knock handfuls of unsuspecting motherfuckers off my friend list.

    Post too many annoying quizzes lately? DELETE.
    Too many videos? DELETE.
    Too many fucking retarded photos in which I see parts of you I NEVER WANTED TO SEE?! DELETE.
    Too many twee updates? DELETE.
    Join too many fan clubs? DELETE.
    Scrabble score too high? MOTHERFUCKING DELETE, BITCHES.

    I’m just saying. Feels good.

    Here’s a nice rule of thumb I try to adhere to so that my quarterly purges are less painful: Remember that it’s always easier to ignore or decline a friend request than it is to accept, argue with self and endure pain and suffering inflicted by their ignorance/peen/thoughtlessness/lewdness/poo status updates (oh, yes, I don’t lie), and decline. Always.

    Good luck, young Skywalker.

    • if my site was as cool (read: LAME) as jezebel, you’d get my comment of the day.
      B told me about what happened to you on facebook! i can’t believe that bull shit. like it’s really hurting the site if you don’t use your real name. MY GOD. i tried, a few weeks ago, to change my name to “hot child inthe city” and they flipped out. NO NO NO. NOT A NAME. i’m like well fuck! now how am i going to keep my mom from finding my fbook and finding out i’m queer. WORK WITH ME, FACEBOOK.
      but yeah, i got tired of a few people breaking up and getting back together too often. like GAH, does it need to be public? ‘lete! and then there’s all those randos i never talk to. ‘lete!
      i’ve made myself unsearchable and unfriendable so basically i’m the master of my own facebook domain. i say who makes the cut. and even then, I CAN STILL GIVE EM THE AX. love it.

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