house sitting

Today up until Sunday night, I’m holding it down at nowimpissed’s brooklyn pad. It is delicious! I love playing house – the kind of house that I’ll probably never get to play in real life – but still. Her apartment’s great; two floors, big television, backyard, and two loveable pooches to keep me company all hours of the day – and trust, they are attached to my hip. I can’t even move without them looking up, all alert and shit. I love them. The only downside: iO digital cable. SUCKAGE. It’s all twitchy.

I just bought all the supplies (re: FOOD!) that I need (Aw, hold on. Hoser, one of the pooches, is snoring so loudly. I love it!). Anyway, I have all the ingredients to make guacamole, chips, some slim fast shakes (because I actually like the diety taste. shhh), bagels – plain and cinnamon raisen, regular cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, apple juice, coke, milk, and, my favorite, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

And to top off the greatness, I’m watching Beverly Hills, 90210 – the episode where Andrea and the school newspaper rally for persmission to give out condoms in school. Right now, David, who, after seeing his gf, Donna, get so enthusiastic about the cause, assumes she’s willing to seal the deal with him and brings a condom over to her house when her parents are out of town. FAILBOAT. Come on, David, you horndog. He goes, “…It’s like you said, if you’re in the pool, you gotta swim.” To which she says, “Uhh…wait a minute, I’m over here on the chaise lounge…” Then she breaks it to him – her delicate blossom is for her husband only. Oy!

Ew, best change the channel – One Tree Hill is coming on. N’thanks.


~ by angiesyounglover on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “house sitting”

  1. I hear they’ve got a lesbian basement halfway house there. Are the rumors true? ;)

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