she’s got starry eyes

Okay. Last night my friend Kristen and I were walking home from our dinner at Sea, this amazing Thai place on the lower east side. As we were making our way to Blockbuster to get a few flicks, Kristen told me that the lottery, the Mega Millions, was having a drawing tonight (April 14th), and the pot size was 92 million dollars. Holy fuck.

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to play the lottery – probably because of the slim chances – but all of a sudden I was overcome with feelings of urgency. I needed to play this lottery. I needed to win this money. 92 million dollars!? Do you know how much that is? Do you know what that would mean for a person? My mind started reeling with all the possible things I could do and would do. It went something like this:

-call my parents and tell them that 1. I’m gay, 2. I’m in a serious relationship with a woman twice my age
 (wait for their reaction and disownment), then continue with 3. I just won 92 millions dollars. BE’LEE DAT. Wha? Touch me.

-buy a 4 level brownstown, either in BK or Manhattan, with a yard for B’s puppies, washer & dryer (no more laundromats!), and by lots of trees.

-buy my mother a house down the shore on the bay like she’s always wanted

-give each of my sisters a million

-give to all the different kinds of cancers’ foundations/charities that have wreaked havoc on my family and my sister’s families

-give to B’s choice of puppy rescue foundations/charities

-buy a car

-continue to pay my college tuition so I don’t have to be under the “jurisdiction” of my father

and much more, I’m sure. I’m getting all pumped. I’m buying five different tickets, and I’ve already picked my numbers for it. YOU GUYS, I HAVE TO WIN.


~ by angiesyounglover on April 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “she’s got starry eyes”

  1. At first I was all “I am NOT twice your age!” But then I remembered that, yes, I am.

    Maybe I will win the lottery. If I do, I will pay your tuition and you can be under MY jurisdiction.

  2. My coworkers and I have been buying lottery tickets lately because we’re all so fed up with this job. If I win, I’m helping others too, but I’m also buying some land and building the mafia compound. You’re welcome to come there along with B. :)

    • yes, B is always talking about said compound. she has also said that her lottery winnings, should she win, would go straight to its fund. i’ll stop by, yes, but i have my eye on some brownstones. i’m playing again tonight! 102 MILLIONNNNNN.

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