lazy sunday picture post: jack vettriano

This lazy Sunday picture post is brought to you by lazy lonely girl, aka, ME.

All weekend, my boo and i have been laying around, watching movies, having sexytime, eating yummy food, and running only the necessary errands. Today, being the goddess of southern cooking, she made hot chicken salad – this amazing dish with chicken, almonds, cream of chicken, mayo, celery, butter and corn flakes. No, seriously, it’s what dreams are made of. Not as good as her hash brown casserole, but there’s nothing shameful about placing second.

Anyway, so after I had a big dish of the goods, I grew a food baby, Carl, and then fell into a food coma and slept for an hour or so. When I awoke I was all giddy and wanting to make banana pudding – the dessert course of the meal – but my boo decided it was her nap time and was all, “Zzzz. Mmm? What? Go make it boo, I’ll be up in a minute.” RIGHT. Because I know how to make merengue all by myself? I wanted to do it with her (read: drool and twitch in amazement in some mouseless corner of the kitchen while B’s mythical baking skillz take over). But now she’s snoring next to me, won’t wake up and I’m left, what? Watching E! News Sunday? I even tried shaking my goods in her face, kissing her special places, but she only murmurs and “grrmmm”s. I’M LONELY! WAKE UP BOO!


~ by angiesyounglover on April 12, 2009.

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