A wise woman once declared that new york women never wear scrunchies. Her name was Carrie Bradshaw.

So why, why oh why, do I see women all over this damn city wearing scrunchies? I even took pictures so you can believe me!


 It’s weird, right? And just…a really big mistake.

Also, my boo would like to add that “clipies” are also a no-no outside of your private bathroom…and 1996.



~ by angiesyounglover on April 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “scrunchies”

  1. It saddens me that you refer to Carrie Bradshaw as a “wise woman.” I just don’t understand you young people.

    • i meant more that she was wise to say that real new york women don’t wear scrunchies, but apparently that doesn’t mean that new york is free of scrunchies. yeeellch.

  2. I saw a woman this weekend wearing one of those clips in public. Granted, I live in the South where hair atrocities are far more common, but still.

    Also on the should be banned in public list? Banana clamps. You’d think they died in the ’80s, but sadly, you’d be wrong.

  3. DIAF. God, no mercy tonight. LOSERS WITH SCRUNCHEES, I CONDEMN YOU!

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