boys are gross and stupid

My lovely and wise girlfriend, B, has said it once and she will probably say it forever: boys are gross and stupid.

She’s right, of course. And today while using the student resource center computers (because mine is still done for and I haven’t gotten a new one yet), I came across an AOL conversation that someone who was on the computer before me forgot to log out of. It’s probably completely wrong to post it on here, but, um, I don’t care. I changed the names and all. Give me credit.

OH and I’m going to leave all their hideous spelling mistakes in for added authenticity.


Dude (10:45:32 PM): hey
Other Dude (10:45:41 PM): hay whats up

Dude (10:46:07 PM): chillin

Dude (10:47:18 PM): u?

Other Dude (10:47:30 PM): workin on math , and its gettin me mad lol

Dude (10:49:29 PM): lol … im trying to figure out whether i like this really great girl who im happy just being with, a nympho girl im myself with to some extent or this other girl. getting more sexual feelings the lower on the list

Other Dude (10:51:14 PM): lol i donno i have no comment when it comes to relationships

Other Dude (10:51:17 PM): im an odd case

Other Dude (10:51:19 PM): lol

Dude (10:51:59 PM): i like them all itss just the first girl is like wife material

Dude (10:52:15 PM): like shes PERFECT

Other Dude (10:52:19 PM): then go for her

Dude (10:55:17 PM): idk if i want that type of girl rite now … like i have a really strong feeling the relationship isnt gonna last

Dude (10:55:35 PM): shes really great for me

Dude (10:56:02 PM): its just i dont want to have any regrets for not having more fun

Other Dude (10:56:27 PM): well i mean, what if u never find another like her?

Dude (10:58:28 PM): so u think i should go for her and risk living with regret for not having more fun?

Dude (10:58:45 PM): like she is definitely wifey-material

Dude (10:59:02 PM): and that would make me really happy

Other Dude (10:59:13 PM): well im sure if u like her like that then u will never regret it b.c u will ahve the fun with her

Dude (10:59:18 PM): just not thinking aboput that

Dude (10:59:36 PM): like only bc someone said she mite be the one

Dude (11:00:57 PM): i mean like experiencing other ppl

Other Dude (11:07:06 PM): i donno she sounds like a good catch though

WHATTTTTTTTTT. Lame. Can’t. Take. It.


~ by angiesyounglover on April 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “boys are gross and stupid”

  1. I’m sorry, but I will NEVER understand this mentality. I mean, I sowed my wild oats for sure, but had I actually met someone back in the day who had real potential, I’d have totally gone for that person. Why would you want to waste your time fucking people you don’t care about (possibly exposing yourself to disease, unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary drama) when you could be with someone who’s, to quote Dumbass #1, “PERFECT?”

    For the “perfect” girl’s sake, I hope he picks one of the skanks so she can be saved the heartache and trouble of being with this douchebag.

  2. DIAF, you fucking idiot cheesedick! God, let him spare wife material girl. What a shit.


    1. Stop being a douche.
    2. Stop being a douche.
    3. Stop being a douche.

  3. lol i donno i have no comment when it comes to relationships



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