This is my current one (RIP). So big, right? 19 inches.

This is my current one (RIP). So big, right? 19 inches.

My laptop finally bit it last night. It had been on the fritz for a while for many different reasons. For one, I’m a careless fool. I’ve dropped the charger more times than I can count, I closed it while there was a pen stuck in the hinges – therefore causing the screen to become unhinged from the bottom, and many other boo-boos. It’s also a really big laptop. Carrying around that motherfucker is hard friggin work. The charger/adapter thinger only works if you move the wires around elevate it.

Due to the broken hinge, many wires have popped out and frayed – causing the resolution on the screen to totally suck. Everything that shows up white on a normal computer showed up pink lines on mine. Well, last night when I was adjusting the shotty, loose thing, I must have  frayed the last wire and the screen looked like those scrambled channels of porn you tried to watch as a kid but couldn’t find any action amongst the lines and squiggles of weird colors and general SHITTINESS. I’m pissed. All of my music, all of my pictures, everything…GONE – not because my computer has stopped functioning, but because the screen is dead. Motherfucker.

This is the one I want. So wittle. A baby computer. I wanna give it a bottle and put it to bed!

This is the one I want. So wittle. A baby computer. I wanna give it a bottle and put it to bed!

So I probably won’t be updating as much because, ah, I’m in a calamity of my own doing and have to figure out what kind of computer I want. I want the new Dell Mini 9 because it’s super tiny and totally portable and just cute. Plus, I’ve been on huge-laptop-overload for the past 2 years and am ready for a tiny little thing. I plan to buy more GB to load onto the computer after I buy it since I hear it has no memory or storage or whatever. I really don’t know what I’m talking about or what I should look for.

Any suggestions?


~ by angiesyounglover on April 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “R.I.P.”

  1. I remember when my first laptop died (R.I.P., huge Compaq–yeah it was so old the company doesn’t even exist anymore!). I lost thousands of songs, pictures, etc. It was v. traumatic.

    But now I have my little Macbook and I couldn’t be happier. So yeah, I suggest a Mac, cause I’m one of those annoying Mac people.

    • i was fully prepared to receive suggestions from “those annoying mac people.” as a college student, though, i’m on a budget and still not sure how i feel about macs. i know eventually i’ll cross over to OTHER side, but i dont think i’m ready yet. cant. let. go…. :)

      • I hear ya. This is my first one. I work in publishing, so I’m so used to working on Macs since most all publishing software is Mac-based. So it just made sense for me from a work standpoint, and a comfort standpoint too.

        But yeah, they are totally expensive. You can get a PC so much cheaper.

  2. Girl. Do NOT get that baby thing for your primary computer. It will annoy you to no end. Those are really supposed to be just supplemental computers. I know it looks cute and cheap but trust me (the anonymous internet person) that is not the way to go.

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