am i really lame for wanting to see this?

Okay, now usually I would hide this kind of desire to myself, but since I’m really serious about it, I’m just going to own it: I want to see Fast and Furious. Also, to be clear, I only have seen the first movie, The Fast and the Furious, and, of course, didn’t bother myself with the two lame ones that were made in between. To me, they were like Halloween 3, they don’t count in the scheme of things. I’m just interested and curious because this movie includes the four main actors from the original: Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and Jordanna Brewster. Now, granted, they are all laughs as actors in general in my opinion (except Michelle. I will always love thee), but this kind of movie calls for nothing more. But come on, reunion movies are fun! Even if I don’t really remember anything that went on in the first one. Cars, or something, right? Nitrous? And if we’re being honest here, I don’t expect the movie to be anything short of a disappointment, but, regardless, I’m air-thrusting in excitement until I get to see it. Also, I gotta rePERsenttt Vin Diesel. He’s a Hunter College graduate, and for that, we are kindreds.

And, okay, maybe I only want to see hot Michelle Rodriguez jump from car to car with her wonderful shit-eating grin and hair flying all over the place (she’s such a renegade!), but is that really a reason not to spend the $50 it will cost me and my girlfriend to see it? Absolutely not. I’m going, bitches. ITS ON. REV UP THE … um…whatever cars they’re using in the movie that I know nothing about!


~ by angiesyounglover on March 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “am i really lame for wanting to see this?”

  1. Whatever, dude. M & I totally went batshit with glee when we saw the previews for this shit.

    Sh, don’t tell anyone!

  2. Oh, BOO. We are gonna be all up in this! You know how I feel about the leading actresses.

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