rock on, gold dust woman


For Christmas this year, I bought my girlfriend two tickets to see Fleetwood Mac. She’s a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while for her. The idea was she could take me, it would be a fun date, togetherness, music, etc.  But I was worried, see, because, Fleetwood Mac isn’t really from my time, as I’m x years old (that’s a variable, not a single digit number, thank you). Of course, I’m not an asshole, I’ve totally heard of them, their songs, and could pick them out of a lineup if need be. But where B is a HUGE fan, I maybe know a couple of lines. Because I’m lame.

So the concert was this past Thursday, and not to sound too fAnGuRl, but I’m completely in love and mystified and obsessed, now, with Fleetwood Mac…rather just Ms. Steve Nicks.  Her voice is fucking sexy, her stage presence is indefinable, and her dancing is fierce. I want to be her, I want to be with her…it’s all come on so suddenly. So now I’m on Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks overload. I’m blowin’ up my imeem account with their songs, I’m reading their band bio, and I had B explain the whole inter-band sexual history on the subway home last night. Also, I’ve been dancing around my room with a scarf over my hand and spinning around. Rock on, ancient queen! Yeah! It’s all so new to this younglover! I wish I had been around back when they first were coming out.  I would have loved to gone to their concerts and dance around all free and shit. But I wasn’t even born yet :( And now that I’m all up on it, everyone’s like, yeah, where’ve you been, loser? So everyone can just suck it and let me have my moment.

Oh, and speaking of age…When B and I were going up the escalator to get to our seats, these broads behind us took a look at me, then turned to each other and said, “It’s so interesting, the makeup of the crowd here, there’s a lot of…teeny boppers. I guess it’s cool to like vintage now.” Yeah, bitch, I’m not a teeny bopper. Nice foundation, though. Have fun sanding it off before you go to bed.

After the concert was over, B and I went downstairs to the food court of Penn Station and got Cinnabon and went home and ate them in bed. Perfect night.


~ by angiesyounglover on March 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “rock on, gold dust woman”

  1. I’m torn between the adorableness of your Stevie Nicks crush and the not-so-adorable feeling of “i’m old” which came over me after reading this otherwise charming post. I think it was the fact that you called Stevie an “ancient queen.” (!) Either that, or the Cinnabon before bed.

    Great xmas gift.

    • It wasn’t so much I was calling her an ancient queen, but more me using her lyrics (“rock on, ancient queen”) to “gold dust woman” in excitement. i don’t see her as ancient, i see her as hot. i wanna get next to that! thanks for commenting :)

      • Of course, that makes sense now. Clearly I need to get some of her music. I’ve always loved her voice and based on your comments she must be looking great these days!


  2. Oh. What a wonderful Christmas present that was…especially since I didn’t even know they were touring.

    Oh, Stevie, how I have loved you. Loved you before my younglover was even born. Be my silver spring, Stevie.

    Now, let’s talk about those wacky tomboys who stood next to us at the rail.

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